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Hinshaw Music Sacred, 2013

HMC2364 All Bells In Paradise (Rutter, SATB, organ) 1.90
We all know that John Rutter is a master with Christmas/holiday music. Our worship services and our concerts are filled with his music during the holidays. This piece holds true to form with both words and music by the master. For mixed voices with organ, the title line of the text is taken from the 15th century Corpus Christi Carol.
HMC2311 Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella (arr. Harmon, SATB, harp, oboe, Bb clarinet) 1.90
Composer Neil Harmon truly has a gift with carol arrangements. Here, he sets this traditional French carol for mixed voices with harp (or piano) with oboe or clarinet. The interplay between the lyrical voices and instruments is stunning!
HMC2355 Bronze Triptych (Forrest,SATB, div., piano four-hands, opt. handbells, timpani, and percussion) 2.50
The text by Charles Anthony Silvestri traces the formation of a bell: bronze, mined from earth, first formed into weapons of war, then melted down and recast as a bell to toll forvespers, and eventually pealing out in victory and joy. The accompaniment of four-hand piano with optional handbells and percussion vividly paints the metallic sounds and bellimagery of the text. The metaphor for turning from war to peace makes the piece suitable for patriotic occasions, Earth Day, World Peace Day, and others.
HMC2341 Cherokee Amazing Grace (Green, SATB, mezzo sop. & bar. solos or descant, flute (or violin) and opt. percussion) 2.00
This creative work began as an English setting of AMAZING GRACE by the composer David Huff (HMC1844). Here, composer James Green makes extensive use of the original but sets the piece to Native American Cherokee and adds flute or violin, and a host of optional hand percussion instruments. The piece would be great for the festivities of American Music Month.
HMC2328 Christiana Canticles (Rutter, SATB, organ) 2.20
John Rutter understands and reveres the Anglican choral tradition like no other.Dedicated to an American choir, this setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis is scored for mixed choir (divisi) and organ. It is quite accessible.
HMC2308 Christmastide (Daley, SATB, div., a cappella) 1.90
Written for the Maryland State Boychoir, this lovely unaccompanied motet for mixedchorus divisi has the harmonic richness and lyrical lines typical in the works of Eleanor Daley. If you are looking for a beautiful challenge for your lessons and carols or holiday concert – this is it! The poetry of Janet Lewis is exquisite.
HMC2362 Die Minnesanger(Schumann/ed.Oltman, TTBB, piano) 1.70
Robert Schumann was a master at composing lovely partsongs for chorus. On an exciting text by Heinrich Heine, the editor gives us a modern edition for use with school or community chorus male ensembles.
HMC2329 Do You Know The Song The Angels Sang (Pote, SSA (women or children,piano ) 1.70
This lovely Christmas piece is set for treble voices SA with an optional SII accompanied by piano. In the lyrical style so true to the works of Allen Pote, the simple text is enhanced by creative phrase development and rich harmonies.
HMC2353 Eternal Father, Strong To Save (Forrest, SATB, piano or orchestra) 1.90
Dan Forrest understands the drama that can be created in music. This seven minute work known to almost all Americans (Navy Hymn) is scored for mixed chorus (divisi) with keyboard or orchestra and optional audience participation. Try it on July 4!
HMC2356 God Of Grace And Glory (Forrest, SATB, organ, brass quintet & timpani) 1.90
Dan Forrest's arrangement of the Welsh tune and the Fosdick text is masterful. Here set for mixed chorus with optional congregation and organ, accompaniment by brass quintet and timpani is also a possibility. Great for Pentecost!
HMC2359 Go Forth For God (Schwoebel, SATB, organ) 1.70
This piece is basically a hymn anthem that utilizes the tune SALE. With limited divisi the piece is scored for mixed voices with organ and optional congregational participation. It's a great piece when you are emphasizing evangelism and/or missions. Powerful!
HMC2305 Isaiah's Feast (Bell, SSAA, div., a cappella) 1.90
Based on Isaiah 55:1-2, this piece truly captures the energy of the text. Scored for SSA voices with piano and optional side drum, the piece would be a great spring concert opening. Lots of fun!
HMC2358 I Would Be True (Rutter, SATB, div., acappella) 1.70
For unaccompanied mixed voices, this creedal text by American missionary Howard Walter is set to the much loved Irish folk melody from County Derry (known to most of us as Danny Boy). The piece would make a very nice graduation anthem in some settings.
HMC2339 Justus Ut Palma (Haydn/ed. Banner, SATB, piano & small orchestra) 2.00
With a text taken from Psalm 92, this work by Michael Haydn for mixed chorus with keyboard or chamber orchestra is particularly appropriate for All Saints or a memorial observance. This is another authentic historical edition in the Martin Banner Series.
HMC2332 The King Shall Rejoice (Handel/ed. Thomas, SAATB, piano and opt. 2 oboes, bassoon or orchestra ) 1.90
This is one of Handel's most well known and loved choral works. Here, Andre Thomasprovides a practical modern edition making the piece more useable for our choirs and audiences. The long introduction has been shortened and the keyboard part is a reduction of the orchestration (not a continuo part). This edition can be performed with piano, two oboes and bassoon, or with full orchestration. This is a great festival piece for high school voices.
HMC2335 Kyrie (Mozart/ed. Liebergen,SAB, keyboard, opt.flute or strings) 1.70
Most Mozart choral works are scored for SATB voices. Here, Patrick Liebergen has made this work accessible for small choirs by arranging this Kyrie for SAB voices with keyboard and optional flutes or strings. Don't forget to include music of the great masters. Good piece for Lent.
HMC2354 Lead, Kindly Light (Forrest, SATB, piano) 2.20
This text by John Henry Newman and Edward Bickerstith was made famous by inclusion in a number of hymnals to a tune by John B. Dykes (LUX BENIGNA). Here, Dan Forrest gives us a masterful original work for large mixed chorus (divisi) with a substantial piano accompaniment. New "light" is truly shed on the text.
HMC2365 Lightly Stepped A Yellow Star (Forrest, SATB, div.,perc. ensemble) 2.00
Scored for mixed chorus (div.) with percussion ensemble, the text by Emily Dickinson for this second movement of Three Nocturnes comes alive in Dan Forrest’s lush harmonic writing and colorful use of the percussion.
HMC2331 Love Came Down At Christmas (Pote, SAB, keyboard, opt. C instr. and handbell) 1.70
This Christina Rossetti text has been set many times – but this SAB setting with keyboard and optional handbells is special indeed. Allen Pote is a master with simple melody, understands the voices of a typical church choir, and has a gift for magical harmonic color. Have a small choir with very few men, try this one on Christmas Eve.
HMC2357 The Music Of Living (Forrest, TTBB,div., piano or instruments) 1.90
Though also available for mixed voices (HMC2321), here Dan Forrest sets this anonymous text for male voices TTBB with piano. Optional violin, horn, timpani, and percussion is also a possibility (HMC2357A). High school men or more mature voices would find success and enjoyment with this piece.
HMC2334 O Be Joyful (McCullough, SATB, keyboard & opt. flute, oboe, C tpt., timp, harp, strings) 2.20
This setting of Psalm 100 by composer Donald McCullough is energetic and celebratory.Appropriate for almost any feast or festival day, the work is scored for mixed chorus with organ and optional trumpet and timpani / or for chamber or full orchestra. The rhythmic energy and colorful textures really bring the text to life.
HMC2342 Pange Lingua (Orban, SATB, div., a cappella) 2.20
Hungarian composer Gyorgy Orban has one of the most distinctive choral styles foundin the last half century. A unique combination of chromatic lyricism and percussiverhythmic drive, PANGE LINGUA is a concert work for advanced ensembles. College and university choirs will be particularly drawn to this highly energetic work! The liturgical text is attributed to St. Thomas Aquinas.
HMC2344 Patapan (arr. Robertson, SATB, flute, hand drum & finger cymbals) 2.00
New to the Hinshaw catalogue, composer Troy Robertson sets the traditional Burgundian carol for mixed voices with flute and finger cymbals/hand drum. The interesting rhythmic twists make it an excellent choice for high school or college/university voices. Wonderfulselection for a holiday concert!
HMC2330 Prayer For Guidance (Pote, SAB, keyboard) 1.70
With a text from Psalm 25, this SAB work with keyboard is perfect for the small church choir. Try it for a Sunday School Rally Day, Confirmation, or any time of commitment. This is another accessible piece by this fine composer.
HMC2345 Salvator Natus Est (Larson, SATB, piano) 2.00
This Christmas motet (Hodie) by Andrew Larson of Stetson University is scored for mixed voices (soprano divisi) with a challenging piano accompaniment. It's perfect for a Christmas concert! Open your concert with this one.
HMC2338 Seal Us By Your Spirit (Pethel, SATB, keyboard) 1.70
This new anthem by Stan Pethel is scored for mixed voices with piano. It could work on Pentecost Sunday or even Christ the King. Would also make a good piece for capable youth choirs.
HMC2303 Service Music From Salisbury (Patterson, SATB keyboard & opt.handbells) 1.70
Looking for service music – here you get three in one – introit, kyrie or prayer response, benediction. The brief pieces are simply scored for SATB voices with keyboard and optional handbells. Very effective!
HMC2333 To Everything There Is A Season (Crescenz,2 pt. treble, piano) 1.90
The concept for this piece was with children's voices – but the two part treble with piano would be lovely with treble voices of any age. Taken from Ecclesiastes 3, the piece would be perfect on a spring concert. Some might even use it in a sacred setting.
HMC2346 The Wexford Carol (arr. Hildebrandt, SSA, a cappella) 1.90
Anne-Marie Hildebrandt is drawn to Irish melody. This piece is no exception. Here, she sets the traditional Irish tune for unaccompanied treble voices (SSA) with soprano solo. It works great with high school or older voices.
HMC2336 Wherever You May Go (Bushong ,SATB, piano) 1.90
Looking for a great high school graduation piece? This is it! Scored for. mixed voiceswith piano, the piece might work for any situation of departing. It could also work in a worship setting.
HMC2340 Within Creation (Monath/ arr. Hamlin, SATB, keyboard) 1.90
This gospel style hymn is arranged here by renowned composer and organist Carolyn Hamlin. For mixed voices with keyboard, the lyrics reflect on nature, God's loving grace, and how we find our own place. It's a very accessible work. Try it on Earth Day or as a general anthem during much of the year.
HMC2363 You Shall Go Out With Joy (Schwoebel, SATB, organ) 1.90
Based on scripture from Isaiah 55, the energetic style of David Schwoebel really brings this text to new life. Do you remember the highly successful setting of this text by Hank Beebe? Scored for mixed chorus with organ, the piece would be great on music ministry Sunday or when emphasizing evangelism.

Hinshaw Music Secular,  2013

HMC2348 Ae Fond Kiss (Calvert, SATB, piano) 1.90
On a text of Robert Burns, Stuart Calvert sets this traditional Gaelic tune for mixed chorus and piano. Try the piece with a set of love songs on your spring concert. A great piece for chamber choir or even community choruses.
HMC2361 Dedication (Burchard, TTBB, a cappella) 1.70
Richard Burchard is new to the Hinshaw catalogue and new to the Jefferson Johnson Choral Series. DEDICATION is scored for advanced and unaccompanied male chorus (TTBB divisi). For mature college/university or community choruses, the setting of Mark Twain's text is quite beautiful.
HMC2349 Dulaman (Fisher, SATB, piano, opt. violins, mandolin and guitar) 2.50
New to the Hinshaw catalogue and the Andre Thomas Choral Series, composer Rollo Fisher arranges this Irish folk love song for mixed chorus with piano, optional violins, mandolin, and guitar. The melodic charm, pleasing harmonic structures, and lilting rhythms make for a lovely work. Community choruses, high school or college/university ensembles will find this quite attractive.
HMC2351 Goza Me Calipso (Hernandez, SATB, a cappella or piano, guitar and hand drum) 1.90
This work is the latest installment in the SONGS OF THE WORLD series edited by Andre de Quadros. Here, the composer refers to the piece as a "lively, modern interpretation of the Venezuelan calypso, a genre imported from Trinidad in the nineteenth century." The work is scored for mixed chorus with optional piano, guitar, and hand drum. Enjoy my calypso!
HMC2297 Have You Seen The Beauty This Day (Robinson, SSA, piano) 1.90
The canonic nature of this piece makes it rather easy to pull together. So, if you are looking for a last minute opening for a spring concert – this is it! The piece is scored forSSA voices with piano. It's also available SAB. It's a great piece for schools.
HMC2360 Long, Long Ago (Forrest, SATB, div., a cappella or opt. piano) 1.90
Commissioned by Florida State University to celebrate the sixty-five year history of the University Singers, this nineteenth century American "parlor" song arrangement preservesthe nostalgic mood of the original but casts it in a more modern harmonic idiom. This would be great as part of a set for American Music Month. Consider coupling it with Stephen Foster.
HMC2352 My Mother's Love (Shelton, unison children & adult women, piano) 1.90
This lovely piece for a combination of children and their mothers will immediately draw tears on Mother's Day/Festival of the Christian Home. The text alone is quite touching. Easily put together on limited rehearsal, this is another great installment in the Accent on Young Voices Series edited by Dr. Maribeth Yoder-White.
HMC2350 Toraji Taryong (Bobetsky, 2 pt. treble, piano) 1.70
New to the Hinshaw catalogue, Hunter College composer Victor Bobetsky has arrangedthis traditional Korean folk song for 2-part treble chorus with piano. Great for a spring concert. By the way, toraji is a small root vegetable harvested in Korea. The piece depicts boys and girls enjoying a day in the fields, harvesting the toraji.