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From John Rutter
The Gift Of Life: Six Canticles of Creation is a celebration of life. Six movements that illuminate different facets of the miracles of the created world, and of life itself.
1. O all ye works of the Lord
2. The tree of life
3. Hymn to the Creator of Light
4. O Lord, how manifold are thy works
5. The gift of each day
6. Finale: Believe in life
HMB267 The Gift Of Life $12.95
For Mixed Voices SATB, with orchestra or chamber ensemble.
(Instrumental score and parts for rental only, coming soon)

Hinshaw Music Sacred, 2015

HMC2442 A Covenant Prayer (Forrest, SSAA, keyboard) 1.90
The Covenant Prayer of John Wesley is known to many both inside and outside of Methodist circles. With settings already available for mixed voices (either a cappella or accompanied), this voicing is for SSAA chorus with organ or piano. Try it with the women of your church choir for stewardship commitment, ordination, or mission emphasis.
HMC2415 A Gaelic Blessing (Rutter, SATB, organ) 1.80
While available in both treble and unison voicings, this Anniversary Edition is scored for mixed voices with organ or piano or harp and strings. Try it for baptism, confirmation, ordination, benediction, or most general use.
HMC2444 A Spotless Rose (Greer, SATB, piano) 1.70
The text for this lovely work is taken from an anonymous 14th century manuscript. Set for SATB chorus and piano or small orchestra, the work is accessible for many church choirs but also may have a place in programming for other ensembles. Try it for your Lessons and Carols.
HMC2437 Cantate Domino (Consolacion, SA(div.), keyboard) 1.90
Philippine composer Alejandro Consolacion has set this joyful liturgical text for SSA treble voices with piano or chamber orchestra. The contrast between the syncopated rhythmic motive with the lyrical melodic motive provide consistent interest throughout this brief and energetic work. Great for high school women!
HMC2449 Christ Is Born (Miller, SAB, piano) 1.70
Set to texts by Christina Rossetti and the composer, this Christmas work is scored for SAB mixed voices with piano. The lovely melodic lines are carefully combined with a simple yet engaging harmonic structure true to the text. Your singers will love it!
HMC2413 Christ Is The Morning Star (Rutter, SATB, organ) 1.90
For mixed SATB choir with organ, this anthem might be sung during Advent, Christmas, or even Epiphany. Set to a splendid text by the composer John Rutter, the beauty of the melodic material is enhanced by the striking harmonic support.
HMC2412 De Profundis-A Choral Prelude (arr.Green/Crescenz, SATB, solos, piano & opt. string quartet) 1.70
This piano prelude was played at the funeral of Frederic Chopin. Here, composers Green and Crescenz take the well known text from Psalm 130 and provide an amazing expression of "From the depths, I have cried out to you, O Lord: Lord, hear my voice." The work is scored for piano and optional string quartet and SATB chorus.
HMC2407 Entreat Me Not To Leave You (Forrest, TTBB(div), a cappella)) 2.00
Originally set for mixed voices, this revoicing for unaccompanied TTBB male chorus with divisi sets the traditional text from the Book of Ruth. For a capable advanced ensemble, the lovely tonal language and melodic expressiveness create an atmosphere true to the text.
HMC2418 For the beauty of the earth (Rutter, SATB, keyboard) 1.95
While available for treble and male voicings, this Anniversary Edition is scored for mixed voices with piano or organ or with orchestra. Dedicated to Rosemary Heffley, the work was originally commissioned by the Texas Choral Director's Association.
HMC2434 God Is My Rock (Peter/arr. Knouse, TTBB, keyboard) 1.90
This Moravian anthem is the latest addition to the Jefferson Johnson Choral Series. Based on the original work for mixed voices, arranger Nola Reed Knouse sets the work for TTBB voices with organ or piano or optional string quartet.
HMB266 Good News (arr.Sleeth/arr. Lau, SATB, keyboard) 8.95
Sleeth has always been known for the simplicity and beauty of her melodies. This extended work by composer Robert Lau takes the Sleeth melodies and arranges them into a Christmas cantata—including some of her most beloved tunes. Scored for SATB mixed voices with keyboard, it works for choirs of all sizes. The concluding "Amen" might even be used as a response.
HMC2448 How Great Our Joy (arr. Rasbach, SATB, piano) 2.00
This is an amazing rhythmic setting of the traditional German carol. Scored for SATB mixed voices with piano, the 7/8 meter provides new life to a work known to many of us. A good high school choir would really take to this piece!
HMC2441 I Will Pour Out My Spirit (Pote, SATB, piano) 1.90
With a text based on the book of Joel and Romans, this anthem finds excellent use on Pentecost or for celebration of the eucharist. Scored for SATB mixed chorus with piano, the text/music combination is quite complementary. It's another winner for Allen Pote.
HMC2411 Jauchzet Dem Herrn, Alle Welt (Bach/ed. Thomas,SATB, dbl., piano) 3.75
One of Bach's most beloved choral works, here Andre Thomas makes the work more accessible for high school voices. For SSAATTBB chorus with continuo or optional instrumental ensemble, the motet is a challenging advanced work well worth the time and energy!
HMC2446 Joseph's Song (Frombach/arr. Lau, SAB, keyboard) 1.70
It's not always easy to find a piece specifically about Joseph since the many marian texts tend to over shadow "the earthly father." Nonetheless, this lovely melody and text for SAB voices with piano is smartly arranged by Robert Lau. The piece might be just the thing for your lessons and carols.
HMC2435 Kum ba yah (arr. Rutter, SATB, organ) 1.40
Dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela, this arrangement of the traditional African-American song is set for mixed voices with organ. This lyrical setting is useful during Lent, for general use, or even Music Ministry Sunday.
HMC2416 Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace (Rutter, SATB, organ) 1.80
This Anniversary Edition of the traditional St. Francis of Assisi text is set for mixed voices with organ or for harp and strings. Also available for male voices, the piece was originally commissioned by the Texas Choral Director's Association.
HMC2447 O Come, O Come Emmanuel (arr. Manor, SATB, opt. children’s choir, piano or opt. flute, organ, brass quintet and glockenspiel (or handbells) 2.20
Trevor Manor is new to the Hinshaw catalogue. Set to the free meter of chant, this piece is true to the 13th century plainsong. It is scored for SATB mixed chorus, optional children's choir, congregation and piano with optional flute (or brass quintet, glockenspiel, and organ. Try it on the first Sunday of Advent.
HMC2443 O Let Me Fly (arr. Davison, SSAATB, a cappella) 2.00
The work of composer and junior high music educator Dan Davison is a welcome addition to the Hinshaw catalogue. Here he sets the traditional spiritual for SSAA(T)B chorus a cappella with a variety of textures and harmonically influenced by jazz chordal structures.
HMC2445 O Little Town Of Bethlehem (Snedden, SATB, piano or harp and flute) 2.00
Bill Snedden is relatively new to the Hinshaw catalogue but is quickly finding a place on many holiday concerts. In this setting he scores the familiar text to a new tune for SATB mixed chorus with harp (or piano) and optional flute.
HMC2438 O Sing Out, Be Joyful (arr. Liebergen, 2 pt. any comb., keyboard) 1.90
Patrick Liebergen is a master editor and arranger that here has capably taken the Charpentier work and provided an accessible piece for church. or school. Scored for 2-part (any combination) with piano and 2 optional flutes, try it with your small church choir, as a duet, or with your school treble chorus.
HMC2417 Open thou mine eyes (Rutter, SATB, a cappella) 1.80
For unaccompanied mixed voices, this short motet is reflective of Celtic folksong. Commissioned by the Texas Choral Director's Association, this Anniversary Edition could be used as an introit or call to worship or as an anthem offering.
HMC2439 Sing Praise To The Lord (Ford, SATB, keyboard and flute) 1.90
Sandra Ford writes such accessible and engaging works for the small church choir. Here, she sets the familiar Baker text for SAB mixed chorus with piano and optional flute. It's a great anthem of praise for almost any Sunday.
HMC2440 The Hour Of Banquet And Of Song (Helvey, SATB, organ) 1.90
This anthem for celebration of the eucharist is based on the hymn tune PENITENTIA (found in many hymnals). Set to a text by Horatius Bonar and based on Revelation 19, Howard Helvey scores the work for SATB mixed chorus with divisi and organ. Try it on World Communion Sunday.
HMC2419 The Lord bless you and keep you (Rutter, SATB, organ) 1.75
One of the most popular choral benedictions in all of the literature, this Anniversary Edition reminds us of the lyrical melodic beauty and harmonic interest found in the work of composer John Rutter. Sing the entire piece or use the "Amen" alone.
HMC2410 Veni Creator Spiritus (Bernaducci, SATB(div.), djembe) 2.00
Composer Anthony Bernaducci is a welcome new addition to the Hinshaw catalogue and this piece is the latest in the Andre Thomas Choral Series. Here, Bernaducci sets the traditional liturgical text for a cappella SATB divisi chorus with djembe. The interesting and challenging rhythmic contrasts will be particularly engaging for high school and college/university ensembles.

Hinshaw Music Secular,  2015

HMC2454 A Flower Remembered (Rutter, SATB, piano) 1.70
Dedicated to the memory of the victims of Fukushima, this lyrical expression is scored for mixed voices with piano. The text, both secular and inspirational, honors the memory of the departed but points toward hope for the future.
HMC2414 Animal Imagination (Shelton, Unison, piano) 1.70
The text for this energetic piece was written by fifth grader Lucy Jones. Scored for unison voices with piano, the piece is a wonderful addition to the Accent on Young Voices Series edited by Maribeth Yoder-White.
HMC2456 Anoj Pusej Dunojelio (Augustinas, SSAA, a cappella) 1.90
This new addition to the Songs Of The World series is a beautiful lyrical work scored for SSAA a cappella. Originally a Lithuanian children's song, the work is available for treble or mixed voices.
HMC2450 Good Night, Dear Heart (Forrest, SSAA, a cappella) 1.70
This musical elegy by composer Dan Forrest was originally set for mixed voices with optional piano. Also available for male chorus with piano, this new setting for treble voices with piano is a deeply personal expression by the composer.
HMC2458 Good Night, Dear Heart (Forrest, TTBB, piano or a cappella) 1.70
Originally for mixed voices, this beautiful work finds especially poignant meaning when sung by treble voices. Scored here for TTBB chorus with piano (or quite successful a cappella), the text is taken from the works of Robert Richardson and Mark Twain.
HMC2455 Good Night, Love (Hagenberg, SATB,(div.), a cappella) 1.90
Here, award winning composer Elaine Hagenberg has created an enchanting piece for mixed divisi chorus a cappella. On a text of abolutionist Franny Kemble, the lyrical melodic material and lush harmonic language is inspired by the poem "An Evening Song."
HMC2452 It Is Not Always May Hagenberg, SSATTB, piano) 2.00
Composer Elaine Hagenberg sets the Longfellow text for SATB chorus with divisi accompanied by an exquisite role for the piano. College/university ensembles, high school choir, or community choruses will find it exceptionally engaging.
HMC2453 Sambalele (arr. Lopes, SATB, a cappella) 1.90
The word "samba" comes from a Brazilian rhythm and dance and the word "lele" is an expression of excitement. Expressing an invitation to dance the Samba, Will Lopes arranges the folk song for unaccompanied SATB chorus with divisi.
HMC2451 Skip To My Lou (arr. Forrest, SATB, a cappella, or piano & perc.) 2.50
This arrangement of the traditional American folk song is the latest in the Folk Songs Of America series by composer Dan Forrest. Scored for mixed chorus, the work can be performed a cappella or with accompaniment by piano and percussion. Try it with high school or university voices or community chorus. Great for American Music Month.