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Can't Listen

Why Can't I Hear the Music?

In order to hear music on the Internet, you need the right combination of hardware and software. On the hardware side, you need audio speakers attached to a sound card in your computer. The sound card may be either built-in to your system or a separate card installed in your computer. Most newer system come with sound capability built in. Please check your system documentation.

You also need software to "play" the sound file or "sound bite". After extensive research and testing, Hinshaw Music has determined the best format to use is MP3. This is the same format that is used for many of the recoding devices sold today and is the preferred format for music files on the Internet. In addition, Hinshaw Music uses a special technique to "automatically" play the sound for you.

To be able to hear the sound bites, you need MP3 player software on your system. This converts the MP3 file into sound and plays it through your sound card and speakers. There are several excellent MP3 players available on the Internet and they are all free. To have the MP3 software on your system, you must download it and install it. This only has to be done once.

If you already have one of the MP3 players on your system and can not hear the sound bites, check your speaker connection to your sound card and make sure the speakers are turned on and the sound level is set. This is a very common problem. Another thing to check is that the MP3 software you already have is the default player for MP3 files. Open your player software and look for "preferences" or "options". Most have a setting to tell the software to automatically play MP3 files. Set it to be the default player for MP3 files. If you need assistance, please check the web site of the specific company for your software.

Following is a list of several of the more popular MP3 players available free from several companies. All of these have been tested and work with the Hinshaw Music music clips. Click on the respective web site for the product and we will take you to the download area of their web site. Please follow the directions there. It is a very simple process and we have selected these players because the company web sites have clear directions.


Apple Computer iTunes
Apple Computer QuickTime
Windows Media Player
Win Amp




If you do not hear the sound even with your MP3 player software configured properly, open Zone Alarm and do the following:

CLICK on the PRIVACY on the LEFT side

CLICK: MAIN on the top set of tabs

CLICK: OFF on the MOBILE CODE CONTROL on the BOTTOM of the screen

Close Zone Alarm