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From Dan Forrest
Jubilate Deo
1. Jubilate Deo
2. Ve adthdor vador
3. Ta cao chang de yang
4. Ngokujabula!
5. Bendecid su nombre
6. Song of the Earth
7. ...Omnis Terra!
for SATB choir, optional treble choir, and soprano and alto soli
(child and/or adult), with full orchestra, small orchestra, or
chamber ensemble.

Our New Issue selections from our 2016 season

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Hinshaw Music Sacred, 2016

HMC2473 Arise, My Love (Snedden, SATB,divisi, a cappella) 1.70
This timeless text is beautifully presented here in a lush setting for mixed voices. Try it for the Festival of the Christian Home.
HMC2469 Be Filled With The Spirit (Pote, SATB, piano) 1.70
The composer's original text for this very accessible piece is based on Colossians 3:12-17, which shares the message of peace, kindness, and humility. It's anotherwinner by this skilled composer.
HMC2476 Dormi, Dormi, Bel Bambin (arr. Crescenz, treble chorus, SSA, piano & flute) 1.90
This very sweet Italian Christmas carol is a lullaby sung to the baby Jesus. Although it was written for the West Bradford Elementary School chorus, Downingtown, PA, it is also suitable for treble choirs of all ages.
HMC2470 God of Harmony and Beauty (arr. Schwoebel, SATB, piano & opt. congregation) 1.90
An inspirational work with text by Frederick L. Schuszler incorporating the hymn tune Bradbury, try this piece on Music Ministry Sunday.
HMC2474 Guiding Star (Gifford, unison, 2 pt, or mixed, piano & opt. finger cymbals) 1.70
This is a perfect Epiphany piece. The versatile voicing makes it accessible for choirs of all ages and abilities.
HMC2463 I Want Jesus to Walk With Me (arr. Greer, SATB, piano) 1.70
Originally scored for male chorus, this setting for mixed voices SATB with piano is an accessible arrangement of this popular spiritual appropriate for high school or church choirs alike.
HMC2466 My Song Is Love Unknown (Gustafson/ed. Manor, SATB, piano) 1.90
This beautiful text by Samuel Crossman is set here with original music by Dwight Gustafson in a new edition by Trevor Manor, the composer's grandson.
HMC2472 Non Nobis (Anglea, SATB, piano) 1.90
Non Nobis is a setting of Psalm 115:1-2, the first of Three Latin Psalms composed by Peter Anglea in 2011. The third setting is the widely successful Jubilate Deo published in 2014. In this beautifully reflective piece, Non Nobis reminds us that " Not unto us, O Lord, but to thy name give the glory". Easily successful either in a school or church setting.
HMC2495 Non Nobis (Gustafson/ed. Manor, TTBB, piano & drum or opt. or 2 tpts. & 1 or 2 french horns) 1.90
From the Dan Forrest Choral Series, this haunting melody by Dwight Gustafson is adapted here for male voices by his grandson Trevor Manor. It would make a wonderful processional for a concert or church service.
HMC2468 O Clap Your Hands (Lau, SATB, organ & opt. brass septet & timp.) 1.90
This setting of Psalm 47 is an example of the masterful craft of composer Robert Lau. This festival anthem is easily successful on Palm Sunday, Christ the King, Ascension, or general celebratory use.
HMC2464 Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (arr. Helvey, SATB organ, opt. cong.& brass quartet) 2.20
With an original introductory section, this wonderful setting of the well-loved hymn tune, LaudaAnima by John Goss, should become a staple in every church choirs' repertoire. Very effective with organ alone, or add the brass for a special celebration. Great for Christ the King Sunday!
HMC2478 Rise Up, Ye Faithful (Miller, SATB, children & youth piano or opt. handbells and organ) 2.00
In this clever setting Mark Miller blends the African American spiritual Rise Up Shepherd andFollow with O Come All Ye Faithful to make a perfect blend for use with your adult, children's or youth choirs.
HMC2496 Shalom (arr. Bucky, SATB, divisi, a cappella) 2.00
A rousing rendition of this traditional Jewish folksong, this setting won the 2014 Chanticleer Student Composer Competition. It's perfect for a Festival or honor choir concert.
HMC2460 The Storm (Davidson, TBB, piano) 2.00
A compelling piece conveying the dangers inherent in fishing on the open sea, it also seeks to honor all men and women who face dangerous working conditions, and the power of prayer. For middle school or adult men.
HMC2494 This Is My Father's World (arr. Hagenberg, SATB, piano & violin) 2.00
This is a new setting of the much loved hymn tune, Terra Beata with text by Maltbie D. Babcock. The virtuousic violin part beautifully complements the arrangement. In a worship setting the piece has general use or whenever celebrating the power and beauty of God's creation.
HMC2467 Watoto Waje (Bethel, SATB, opt. children’s choir, keyboard & opt. percussion) 2.00
In this piece the title, which means "Let the Children Come" in Swahili, is used as a refrain. The original verse text by Herb Frombach tells us that Jesus loves us all, especially the children. This is a perfect piece for your adult and children's choirs to sing together. The optional percussion addsa rhythmic intensity, and requires three players. Try it for confirmation or Festival of the Christian Home.
HMC2471 We Give You Thanks (Psalm 100) (Moose, SATB. piano) 1.70
A wonderful Thanksgiving or general worship anthem with a very memorable refrain, the work is accessible for small church choirs—both youth and adult.
HMC2475 With Wondering Awe (arr. Harmon, SATB, piano or opt. harp & wind quintet) 1.90
The simple, but lovely melody of this anonymous Christmas Carol from the Laudis Corona, Bostoncollection of 1885 is beautifully arranged here for mixed voices. Try a set of Neil Harmon carol arrangements on your next Advent Lessons and Carols.

Hinshaw Music Secular,  2016

HMC2486 The Arrow and the Song (Waters, SATB, divisi, a cappella) 1.90
This fascinating text by Longfellow is skillfully set here for high school as well ascollege and professional choirs. Try it during American Music Month or as a commencement anthem.
HMC2459 As the rain hides the stars (Hagenberg, SSA, opt. Solo or descant), piano 1.90
In this very powerful, exquisite setting of the traditional Gaelic Prayer, Elaine Hagenberg vividly presents the initial image of longing and unrest to the ultimate resolution ofassurance that "Though I may stumble in my going, You do not fall".
HMC2492 Bile Them Cabbage Down (arr. Wilberg/adapt. Rodde, TTBB tenor solo, piano (four-hands), opt. fiddle, guitar, woodblock, tambourine & strings) 2.50
Mack Wilberg's very successful SATB arrangement of this rousing American folksong has been ably set here for male chorus. Although the piece can be effectively performed with piano accompaniment alone, the optional fiddle, buitar, woodblock, tambourine and string bass will add just the right kick.
HPC7103 Cantate (Dittmar, SATB, divisi, a cappella) 2.00
The driving bass line along with the soaring soprano part of this energetic Psalm 96:1 setting creates a performance that will delight audiences of all ages. It was written, andpremiered when the composer was a senior at Sanderson High School in Raleigh, NC. Perfect for a festival or honor choir concert.
HMC2481 A Cherokee Hymn (featuring The Cherokee Morning and Evening Hymns) (arr. Green, SA or opt. SAB, descant ( or solo), a cappella, or opt. flute (or violin opt. Shaker, Tambourine, Drum and Bongos (or Congas) 2.00
James Green continues his efforts to keep the Cherokee language alive with this riveting arrangement of a traditional Cherokee Hymn. This hymn was sung on the "Trail of Tears" and is still a favoriteamong the Cherokee people. This arrangement features the true Cherokee Morning and Evening Hymns. An authentic performance can be achieved by using the phonetic pronunciation guide that is included. A versatile arrangement with many voicing options, this piece would be a great addition to any program. Especially powerful for American Music Month.
HMC2491 Die Lotosblume (Schumann/ed. Oltman,TTBB, a cappella) 1.70
On a text of Heinrich Henne, this modern edition of the Schumann classic is here made available to the advanced college/university or high school festival chorus. Consider pairing it with other classics by Brahms or Schubert.
HMC2461 Dies Sanctificatus (Bernarducci, SATB, divisi, a cappella) 2.00
This lively and energetic piece for a cappella mixed chorus with divisi would be a perfect AllState, Festival, or Honor choir choice.
HMC2485 Don't Be Seen (Hill, 3 pt. mixed, piano & opt. cello) 2.20
Written originally for a middle school honor chorus, this energetic piece with optionalcello can be successful for voices of all ages. It's perfect for the festival or honor choir setting!
HMC2482 Further Goals (Dake, SATB, divisi, a cappella) 1.90
Scored for a cappella mixed chorus with divisi, this setting of the adapted Emily Dickinson text would work especially well as a commencement anthem – whether in an auditorium, on an athletic field, or in a gymnasium. It's the latest contribution to the Songs of the World Series edited by Andre de Quadros.
HMC2489 Home on the Range (Hayes, TTBB, piano & opt.harmonica or other C inst. or clarinet) 1.90
This concert showpiece and arrangement of the popular folk song starts with a lone harmonica, and builds to lush choral harmonies. If harmonica is not available, try another C instrument such as oboe.
HMC2484 I Am Loved (Harris, SATB, divisi, piano) 1.90
The driving rhythm of the accompaniment along with the bold choral writing in thissetting of the Sara Teasdale poem, Joy, beautifully conveys the strong message of love. Another addition to the Andre Thomas Choral Series and an excellent choice for festival or honor choirs.
HMC2487 In Meeting We Are Blessed (Robertson, SATB, a cappella, djembe) 1.90
With an original text inspired by John Donne, this piece illustrates the power of peace, and allthe blessings it brings. Written for the meeting of the Nairobi Chamber Chorus and FestivalSingers of Florida, it was premiered in Nairobi with the composer singing in the choir. It's lovely, lilting melody will appeal to choirs of all ages.
HMC2483 Invictus (Marshall, SSATB, a cappella) 1.70
This setting of the poignant, inspirational poem by William Ernest Henley, about conqueringlife's dark moments, and becoming a master of your fate. Appropriate for mixed choirs of allages including high school.
HMC2462 Love's Fool (Robertson, TTBB, piano) 1.90
This setting of the John Donne poem, The Triple Fool, for male chorus with piano, has a slightly "bluesy" feel. Also included is a line-by-line study of the poem by composer Dr. Troy Robertson. It's an excellent way to introduce John Donne to high school or even college singers.
HMC2490 One Voice (Shelton, SSA, solo & audience (or descant) piano & violin) 2.00
This lyrical composition provides many opportunities for developing musical and non-musicalskills and understandings. It was commissioned for the 2014 North Carolina Elementary Honors Chorus, but is also suitable for adult women.
HMC2488 Refuge (Hagenberg, SATB, piano and cello) 2.20
This brilliant setting of the powerful Sara Teasdale poem, Refuge, reminds us that in singing we have a refuge from all our strife and stress. A wonderful inspirational addition to any choir's repertoire.
HMC2479 An Sylvia (Schubert/arr. Bohlin, SATB, divisi, piano) 1.70
One of Schubert's three settings of Shakespeare texts from July 1826, this new choral arrangement would be perfect for both high school and college choirs, as well as professional groups. Consider a group of Schubert songs for your next concert.
HMC2480 Winter Roses (Bernarducci, SSA, piano) 1.70
Another outstanding addition to the Andre Thomas Series, this is a lovely setting of the John Greenleaf Whittier poem for women's voices. Try it during American Music Monthor part of your winter choral concert.