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American choral and instrumental music composer, Dan Forrest, has won numerous awards for his compelling arrangements. Dan’s gift for composing beautiful music is truly magical and his artistry has been performed worldwide. His awe-inspiring works vary in difficulty – each containing musical elements that will leave audiences stunned and inspired.

Dan’s work ranges from small choral works to instrumental solo works, wind ensemble works, and extended multi-movement works for chorus and orchestra. Hinshaw Music is proud to be the publisher of two of Dan Forrest’s greatest works, Requiem for the Living and Jubilate Deo.

Be sure to also check out our Dan Forrest Choral Series and Dan Forrest American Folksongs Series.

Dan Forrest

Major Works

HMB269_Jubilate-Deo Music Cover

Jubilate Deo

Each section of Dan Forrest’s Jubilate Deo is filled with lovely details that captivate viewers and touch their hearts.

Jubilate Deo is a musical masterpiece that vividly and evocatively brings the biblical text of Psalm 100 to life. Each movement is written in a separate language and incorporates musical elements specific to each language group while adhering to Dan Forrest’s distinctive and personal style. Though the movements vary in terms of music and style, they are all filled with emotions of joyful reverence that bring Psalm 100 to life for every listener.


Also Available for Rentals!

Jubilate Deo is available to rent from Hinshaw Music for full choir and orchestra, as well as chamber and expanded chamber groups. Also, vocal scores and full scores are available for purchase.

Requiem for the Living music cover

Requiem For The Living

This powerful five-movement piece, which incorporates both liturgical and non-liturgical texts, projects a wide spectrum of meaningful expression, from a caustic essay on the vanity and pain of existence, to a cry for forgiveness and a celebration of eternal light. Although the piece can stand on its own, it would be particularly emotional for All Saints Day, Good Friday, or even Palm Sunday. Requiem For The Living would also be particularly suitable for memorial services and funerals.


Also Available for Rentals!

Requiem for the Living is available to rent exclusively from Hinshaw Music and Fred Bock Publishing Group for Full Orchestra, Expanded Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra.

Dan Forrest

Best Selling Chorals

The Music of Living

The Music Of Living is yet another ebullient effort by composer Dan Forrest. A powerful and stirring choir composition with a compelling piano accompaniment and inspirational text — truly rapturous.

Music of the Living is part of our Dan Forrest Choral Series.

Good Night, Dear Heart

This tribute piece, Good Night, Dear Heart, based on a Mark Twain passage features the rich harmonic textures that can be heard in many of Dan Forrest’s compositions. Read the inspiring composer’s remarks if you’re planning to perform mixed divisi voices unaccompanied.

You Are The Music

You Are The Music is an award winning mixed chorus work with soprano solo accompanied by piano and horn which hauntingly sets the Amy Lowell text in a most engaging manner.

Dan Forrest’s compositions are equally at home in church, school, or college or university choruses.

Entreat Me Not To Leave You

A great many of us are familiar with this text because it is frequently used in wedding ceremonies and was derived from the book of Ruth. The words of Entreat Me Not To Leave You has now been expertly arranged by Dan Forrest for divisi mixed voices a cappella.

The conventional text from the book of Ruth has now also been re-voiced for an unaccompanied TTBB male chorus with divisi. The exquisite tone language and melodic expressiveness provide a setting that is authentic to the text for a competent advanced ensemble.

A Covenant Prayer

The words to this prayer were written by Methodist movement pioneer John Wesley. There are several possible arrangements offered by Dan Forrest A Covenant Prayer, including mixed chorus with divisi a cappella, mixed chorus with divisi and string orchestra, and mixed voices with keyboard accompaniment. This piece of music is fantastic for use in concerts or during times of commitment during church.

Try the SSAA voicing with organ or piano with the women of your church choir for stewardship commitment, ordination, or mission emphasis.

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