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Frank Ticheli


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American composer Frank Tichili has penned music for concert bands, choirs, small ensembles, and orchestras. He is a Professor Emeritus of Composition at the University of Southern California and resides in Los Angeles, California. From 1991 until 1998, he served as the Pacific Symphony’s composer-in-residence, producing a number of pieces specifically for that ensemble. Several of his compositions are now considered standards and classics for concert bands.

The orchestral compositions of Ticheli are well known in both Europe and the United States. In addition to writing, he has conducted his own music as a guest conductor at Carnegie Hall, numerous American institutions, music festivals, and in various venues around the globe.

Frank Ticheli’s music is expertly crafted, optimistic, imaginative and uninhibited. As one of the most appealing and intriguing songwriters of today, he has a natural gift for creating captivating instrumental arrangements and inspiring rhythmic music.

Frank Ticheli

Best Selling Chorals

Earth Song

Frank Ticheli, who is best known for his amazing instrumental music, presents his third choir composition, Earth Song,  that has been made public. The text of the composer could be used for unaccompanied mixed chorus in a variety of concert contexts, such as American music, Earth Day, peace, etc.

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There Will Be Rest

Frank Ticheli’s composition is both challenging and beautifully composed. Skillfully executed harmonies and lovely poem text by Sara Teasdale create a serene yet chilling effect. Include this in your upcoming chamber concert, contest, or festival.

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This composition’s three quick movements are set to poetry by Sara Teasdale. The exercises can be carried either singly or together. According to the composer, the cycle, which is intended for unaccompanied mixed chorus, “utilizes the image of stars as a powerful symbol of eternal beauty and peace.” Try out Constellation with your accomplished ensemble.

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Here Take This Lovely Flower

This simple piece is taken from a large body of traditional shaker lullabies. Most tunes were sung in unison and were unaccompanied like the first statement from this arrangement. Try Here Take This Lovely Flower on a spring concert coupled with early English madrigals and/or contemporary American song.

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Lux Aeterna

Both his choral compositions and his instrumental ensemble music are highly renowned. His grandfather’s memory is honored in Lux Aeterna, a brand-new unaccompanied motet for mixed chorus. The lyrical composition accurately captures the sense of the ancient text with a beautiful harmonic language. With high school, college/university, or adult voices, the piece is suitable for concert use or in a worship environment. Try it at a memorial service, All Saints, or just use it in general pretty much any time of the year.

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