Fulemule (The Nightingale) – SA/SSA/SSAA



True to the sprightly percussive character of Orban’s music, this work for unaccompanied treble chorus in four parts is sure to become a hit for all ages!
Philomel, O Philomel, adorable and bright,
singing, singing in the night.
Rattling a leaf and trembling a nest:
lo, it is smoldering, the light of the west.
Cherry, berry, cherry, berry, cherry, berry lines,
little road, main road, folded, twines.
Leopard, ocelot: shade of a cat
wind of the north: the wings of bat.
Two miles, three miles, midnight whirl,
why do you tag me, tear me curl?
Philomel, O Philomel aquiet in the thorn,
silent, silent in the morn.

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Gyorgy Orban


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