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Commissioned by the Hickory NC Choral Society for their 35th anniversary season. Scored for mixed choir with solos for boy soprano and/or mezzo-soprano, soprano & tenor, the instrumentation is available for large orchestra or chamber ensemble. Combining both liturgical and non-liturgical texts, in some cases the traditional texts are slightly re-arranged for contextual emphasis. This powerful five movement work projects a wide range of meaningful expression from a biting essay on the vanity and pain of existence, to a plea for mercy, and a celebration of eternal light. The work stands alone – but would be especially moving for all saints, Good Friday, or even Palm Sunday.
Introit – Kyrie
Vanitas Vanitatum
Agnus Dei
Lux Aeterna

3 instrumentations available on rental only:
1. Full orch. (HMB265a):2 flutes; 2 oboes; 2 bb clarinets; 2 bassoons;
2 horns(or 1-4: if performing with a large choir, horn lines may be
doubled by a second player on each part); 2 bb trumpets; 2 trombones;
bass trombone or trombone 3; tuba; percussion(1 player: suspended
cymbal, crash cymbal, bass drum, triangle, glockenspiel, crotales
(bowed), snare drum, low tom-tom(opt.)(or other low drum); timpani(3)
(one player);harp, strings(min. Suggested count,full score.
2. Chamber version (HMB265b) – flute; oboe; horn in f(optional);
combined percussion(one player: timpani, suspended cymbal, crash
cymbal, triangle, glockenspiel, crotales (bowed), snare drum, low
tom-tom (optional) (or other low drum); harp; violin, cello; organ,
full score.
3. Expanded chamber version (HMB265c) – flute; oboe; horn in f(opt.);
percussion from full orchestra version(1 player: suspended cymbal,
crash cymbal, bass drum, triangle, glockenspiel, crotales (bowed);
snare drum, low tom-tom (opt., or other low drum); timpani (3) from
full orchestra version (1 player); harp; strings from full orchestra
version (minimum; organ, full score.

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