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William Croft

Meet William Croft

Meet William Croft


I began composing in my teens, as part of a general musical ‘awakening’. At the University of Southampton in the 1960s I had some tuition from the distinguished composer Jonathan Harvey. In 2011 Convivium Records released an album of choral pieces and organ music, some of which have been published by H.T. FitzSimons. Since then I have composed other choral pieces (including a Missa Brevis), piano music (including a Sonata recorded by Michael Higgins), and organ music (including ‘Tarantella’, a fantasia on ‘Lobe den Herren’ and ‘Dance with Hymn’).

It seemed natural and fulfilling to compose as well as to play, sing and listen. Some of my music has added to the repertoire of the church choir that I direct, and some organ pieces have been useful as organ voluntaries before and after services.

I am happy for people to contact me via email at H.Benham@soton.ac.uk  or through the Facebook and Twitter

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