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Chanticleer Choral Series

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Founded in San Francisco in 1978, Chanticleer is a full-time male classical GRAMMY® Award-winning vocal ensemble based in San Francisco, California. They maintain a large repertoire of jazz, gospel, and modern classical music, but are most renowned for their interpretations of Renaissance music. Through live performances, instruction, recording, and the creation of new choral works, Chanticleer aims to present choral music at the pinnacle of perfection and to foster a global appreciation for the art of ensemble singing.

Popular Choral Music from Hinshaw’s Chanticleer Catalog

Ave Maria is a motet for advanced choirs and an amazing work of art, Franz Biebl’s “Ave Maria” elicits a genuine emotion from deep inside the listener.

Chanticleer Silver Jubilee Anthology of Music contains 17 beloved songs sung by Chanticleer. This great selection of treasures from Chanticleer’s extensive library deserves a place of pride in yours!

This a cappella Christmas Spiritual Medley, which is suitable for a moderately advanced choir, will wow your audience with its gorgeous tight harmonies.