All Together Now – SA/SSA/SSAA



Official theme song for “Music In Our Schools Month” March 1989. This soprano/alto arrangement would be a great addition to any music library.
2. Also sold with voicings of SATB – HMC1021, SAB – HMC1023
3. Instrumentation Sold As Follows:
A. Band HMC1025a $35.00
B. Orchestra HMC1025b $45.00
C. Full Score HMC1025fs $ 5.00
4. Instrumentation Sold Separately:
HMC1025e01 Violin I $1.50
HMC 025e02 Violin II $1.50
HMC Viola $1.50
HMC 1025e04 Cello $1.50
HMC 1025e05 String Bass $1.50
HMC 1025e06 Flute $1.50
HMC 1025e07 Oboe $1.50
HMC 1025e08 Clarinet I $1.50
HMC 1025e09 Clarinet II $1.50
HMC 1025e10 Clarinet III $1.50
HMC 1025e11 Alto Clarinet $1.50
HMC 1025e12 Bass Clarinet $1.50
HMC 1025e13 Bassoon $1.50
HMC 1025e14 F Horn I $1.50
HMC 1025e15 F Horn II $1.50
HMC 1025e16 Trombone I $1.50
HMC 1025e17 Trombone II $1.50
HMC 1025e18 Trombone III $1.50
HMC 1025e19 Alto Saxophone I $1.50
HMC 1025e20 Alto Saxophone II $1.50
HMC 1025e21 Tenor Saxophone $1.50
HMC 1025e22 Baritone Saxophone $1.50
HMC 1025e23 Coronet/Trumpet I $1.50
HMC 1025e24 Coronet/Trumpet II $1.50
HMC 1025e25 Coronet/Trumpet III $1.50
HMC 1025e26 Baritone Treble Clef $1.50
HMC 1025e27 Baritone Bass Clef $1.50
HMC 1025e28 Basses $1.50
HMC 1025e29 Timpani $1.50
HMC 1025e30 Drums $1.50
HMC 1025e31 Mallets (Bells) $1.50

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Easy Children Or Easy Adult

Music In Our Schools Month, Mar ’89


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