Holocaust Cantata: Songs From The Camps – SATB



Based on original materials from the holocaust memorial museum in Washington, D.C., this is an emotional musical journey through one
of the bleakest episodes in human history. Working from translations
of the original polish and often starting with a single line of
melody, McCullough has fashioned a haunting choral tribute to all
whose lives were destroyed by the horrors of the holocaust. What
emerges is a sense of music’s life-affirming powers.
Instrumentation (HMB219a): cello only.
Chorus: 1. The Prisoner Rises (SATB Chorus Piano & Cello)
Reading: 2. Singing Saved My Life (Male)
Chorus: 3. Song Of The Polish Prisoners (TBB Chorus & Piano)
Reading: 4. The Execution Of The Twelve (Male)
Chorus: 5. In Buchenwald (SATB Chorus & Cello)
Reading: 6. A State Of Separation (N1 & N3, Male Or Female; N2, Male;
N4, Female)
Solo: 7. The Train (Baritone Solo, SATB Chorus, Piano & Cello)
Reading: 8. Singing From Birth To Death (Male)
Chorus: 9. The Striped Ones (SSAA Chorus Or Quartet, A Capella)
Reading: 10. There’ No Life Like Life At Auschwitz (Male)
Instrum: 11. Tempo Di Tango (Cello & Piano)
Reading: 12. Letter To Mom (Female)
Duet: 13. Song Of Days Now Gone (Sop. & Mezzo-Sop. Duet, SATB
Chorus, Piano & Cello)
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Donald Mccullough


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